Oklahoma Natural Gas: 1-800-664-5463

-Name, Property Address,  Social Security #, Possible Deposit on First months bill

-Technician will most likely call before gas is turned on. Pilot Lights will be turned on by technician.

Click HERE to visit Oklahoma Natural Gas Website for more/ up to date information.

OG&E: 1-800-272-9741

-Name, Property Address, Social Security # , Possible Security deposit of $150

-Electric will most likely be turned on within an hour if Smart Meter is used

Click HERE to visit OG&E Website for more/ up to date information.

City of Alva (Water, Trash, & Sewage): 580-327-3342

– Go To City Offices at 415 4th St Alva during business hours.

-2 forms of id’s (One with picture)

-$150 deposit or satisfactory letter of credit from other utility company

-Water will be turned on same day, After 1pm is $35

Click HERE to visit City of Alva Website for more/ up to date information.


*Company policies may be different than what is listed above due to specific situations or policy changes. The information provided above is meant to help tenants with move in process. Information may have changed or be different in depending on situation*